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As companies grow, marketing needs to evolve to support new business strategies. 


Expanding product or service offerings, introducing new distribution channels, entering new markets or defending against competitive threats - these are just a few of the potential catalyst for change. Building brand presence and strengthening brand equity improves the chances you're known and viewed favorably when your target customer switches from passive to actively shopping your category. As brands graduate from niche disruptor to mass category competitor, investing in brand is no longer 'nice to have' - it's imperative to future performance.


UFA partners with brands as they make this strategic shift, building and deploying integrated creative marketing strategies designed to raise awareness, increase positive associations and drive momentum to more effectively compete over the long term.



Founded in 2011, Chubbies brought back proper length shorts for the modern shortsman.


Overtime, they've steadily expanded from original khaki shorts to swim, athletic and year round casual apparel - all while expanding their footprint with brick and mortar retail and national wholesale accounts.


To their scale, meaningful growth required a new approach to segmentation, establishing a national presence, deeper understanding of product usage associations and greater relevance in key buying moments leading up to peak swim and barbecue season.

Our partnership is focused on creating work that generates earned reach with the 'Weekender' and increasing brand engagement so that performance campaigns have new audience pools to work against.

The A Buncha Wolves Collection
Apex Swimmers

There's A Buncha Wolves Inside of You And They All Need To Get Dressed

A Story In 
Every Pattern.

In the world of Chubbies, the patterns are the star. Each with an iconic name and folklore, we're bringing this world to life with colorful backstories.

I think he's looking at us.

Get this man a drink.

Insert coin.

Marriage is a partnership.

You win some, you barf some.

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