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“When should my company start investing in 'Brand'?”

Updated: Jun 28

The answer is different for every company, BUT investing in brand equity is a strategic choice and can elevate your entire marketing strategy and function.

In the earliest years of a start up, it makes sense to focus on proving product-market fit and winning within a niche. As success compounds, companies have to evolve their approach to compete in bigger marketplaces. They hire more people and invest in R&D. They should be spending in more marketing channels, too.


If your company is expanding its product portfolio, or distribution channels. If the business feels pressure from less expensive dupes or imitators. If a competitor is introducing an innovation that will attract interest from category users. If your business is expanding store count or geographic footprint.

Each of these individually or collectively is a sign that you're no longer competing for a niche but instead for mass-market share.

They represent the moment when investing in your brand really isn’t a nice to have, its imperative.

UFA is built for this moment. Not just identifying it, but putting the right team in place to ensure our partners navigate these changes confidently and elegantly, and most importantly, while continuing to compound growth as they set even more ambitious goals.

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